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Looking at the bigger picture when selecting a dentist in Aberdeenshire

Location, location, location

Having a dental practice situated 5 minutes down the road from home or work can be highly beneficial and play a huge part when choosing a dental practice for yourself. Travelling for hours for your regular oral check-up can become something of a hindrance when pushed for time. This along with the potential parking implications, roadside parking or a car park for the practice can all impact your choice of surgery.

But, although these things all play a part in your decision, what else should be considered?

The standard of care

Over the last year or two, new levels of care have been implanted throughout daily life. The masks, the antibacterial gels and new standards to be adhered to throughout all different industries and it is important to know that Oldmeldrum Dental maintains a high standard of cleanliness and care. Whenever you attend an appointment, whether a regular check-up or a treatment or procedure, it is important to feel comfortable with the environment and the team. Our dentist in Aberdeenshire focusses on a high quality of care in terms of their knowledge, their ability to deliver and their friendly approach, as well as ensuring that everyone is kept safe during these uncertain times.

Concentrating on the long-term

In a society filled with instant photos, next day deliveries and very little need for waiting around, quick fixes can often feel like the best way forward. Whilst our patients' needs and preferences always come first, our dentist in Aberdeenshire always focusses on the long-term solutions and will advise accordingly. After all, your oral health is our concern as much as yours.

Visits to the dental practice may not always be attended with great enthusiasm or an eagerness that is hard to miss, but regular check-ups with your dental team are of the utmost importance and therefore something we continuously encourage. Whilst we may not be considered your best friends, rest assured that throughout your dental journey from start to finish your dentist in Aberdeenshire will be totally professional and available as a friendly, knowledgeable support throughout.

Encouraging and supporting you with a friendly approach

Whilst the expertise and qualifications of the dental practice is of extreme importance, feeling safe and comfortable around the team is also of the utmost value. The dental team needs to become part of your team when it comes to your oral health and working together is essential.

If you are someone who suffers from anxieties surrounding your dental visits, rest assured that we have got you covered. Whether it be appointments carried out at certain times, specific music played during your appointment, or visits to understand the process without any work being done, our dental team is there for you.

It is therefore imperative to carry out your research, visit the dental practice and ensure that the dental team is the one for you. These factors along with a location that suits you are all things that need to be considered when looking for the right dental practice for yourself.


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