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Little Ones And The Dentist

Even as adults the prospect of the dentist can be a little bit daunting. We open wide and someone’s poking and prodigy around in one of our most sensitive areas. So, if the dentist is tricky for grown ups, it’s no wonder it’s even more problematic for our little ones. That being said we can for sure do more to make the dentist in Aberdeenshire a more inviting place for the little people and that applies both to the chair itself and how we interact with the idea of the dentist at home. Let’s dive into this a little more…

Why Are We All So Scared Of The Dentist?

Well this is an age old question but the fear of the dentist is actually just really deep rooted in our psyche and society. We’ve been absorbing all kinds of negative media surrounding the dentist from the minute we leave our mothers womb. Conscious or unconscious this is toxic to building a calm, happy, proactive relationship with the dentist in Aberdeenshire.

Think back to all those TV’s, movies, family fables and negative natters surrounding the dentist. Every one of them plays a small part in building a big fat negative image of the dentist. One that makes us crinkle our noses and shake our heads… ‘I hate the dentist’. I mean how many of us have been guilty of that little phrase…

Why Does This Matter So Much?

It’s a fair question to want to ask… but the more we say or think and hear something the more it's reinforced within our minds and bodies. The more we see bad images of the dentist and the more we tell ourselves we don’t like it the more that thought process will stay with us. And this thinking also then applies to our children.

The Language

The language parents use around their children when discussing the dentist in any context is super important. If you yourself have a negative view of us then you need to try your best to remove your own views from that of your childs. The dentist is a super important part of your child's overall health and without regular dental check ups they could be left with serious negative implications on their oral health.

Positive Reinforcement

In the same way we have discussed that repeated negative has on our views of something, repeated positivity works the same way. Now, sure being super positive about the dentist might seem alien or even a little bit cringe to begin with but a small langage change could make a real difference for your child. Even little things like ‘it’s so cool we get to look after our teeth so easily with the dentist in Aberdeenshire’ or ‘Can’t wait to get my teeth checked out by the dentist’. Weird? Yes. New? Yes. Going to make a massive difference in your child's views of the dentist? Yes!!! And surely that’s the most important thing?

If you are worried about the dentist or you’re worried that your little one is worried then don’t be afraid to reach out! We’re here for you, and we want all our patients to have super healthy teeth and gums from 6 months to 86.


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