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Let us care for your smile with our dentist in Aberdeenshire

Here at our practice we care about our patients and look forward to welcoming fresh faces at our premises in Aberdeenshire.

If you or a loved one are looking to call a dentist in Aberdeenshire their own, feel free to visit us or reach out to our friendly receptionist to arrange a consultation with us.

Our qualified dental team are on hand to assist you with all your oral healthcare needs and have experience across a variety of fields from general and routine check-ups to facial aesthetics, orthodontics, emergency visits and more.

Our professional team of dental practitioners consists of dentists, hygienists, nurses, and therapists. Our practice philosophy is ‘caring for your family, health and smile’ and that is at the heart of what we do here at Oldmeldrum Dental.

Where to find us

Our surgery is conveniently located at the centre of the North East communities of Oldmeldrum in Commercial Road. Patients can easily access our practice from surrounding areas such as Tarves, Fyvie or even Methlick.

We welcome new and existing patients to our practice and our dentist in Aberdeenshire is available for both adults and children.

Visit our dentist in Aberdeenshire for teeth whitening

Are you tired of having stubborn stains visible on your teeth that you can’t seem to remove with daily brushing or flossing? Are you experiencing discolouration and would like to have a whiter smile? We can assist by providing a professional teeth whitening treatment.

The results have been well received by patients and the process is clinically safe and pain-free. If you long to have a whiter smile with healthy, glowing teeth we recommend considering having teeth whitening today. The first step will involve a short assessment to determine the level of staining and discolouration present on your teeth. This is then followed by a tray which will be created to fit comfortably over your teeth so that the whitening agent can be applied.

The treatment will offer instant results and you will leave our practice with visibly whiter teeth so you can smile with confidence.

Preventive dentistry is key to combatting infection

Here at the practice we believe in the importance of preventive dentistry. It helps to play a significant role in lowering the risk of infection, as well as allowing for early diagnosis which assists in treating dental conditions early on. This way the infection is stopped in its tracks before allowing it to worsen or develop into something more serious.

A fantastic way for patients to practise preventive dentistry is by regularly visiting your dentist for a check-up. We advise our adult patients to visit our dentist in Aberdeenshire at least twice a year and for children once every 12 months.

One of the best ways for patients to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums is through preventive dentistry thanks to early intervention.

Our practice has also launched a monthly maintenance plan for patients so that we can offer support in assisting you financially when maintaining your oral healthcare needs.

Visit us today at our practice in Aberdeenshire to find out more about the range of dental treatments we have available and how we can assist you on your journey to a healthy smile, teeth, and gums.


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