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A local dentist in Aberdeenshire for local patients and beyond!

Oldmeldrum Dental Practice has a long proud history and was established in 1992. Not only do we provide dental services to the local community, we are part of the community. We take getting to know and understand our patients to a new level because many of our patients are friends and family. Our reputation as a dentist in Aberdeenshire has spread to other towns such as Aberdeen, Ellon and Turriff to name but a few. Every patient enjoys a high level of bespoke treatment, regardless of where they come from.

Early Patient care

Modern preventive dentistry is the best way of maintaining your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. As a community dentist in Aberdeenshire we provide dental services to patients of all ages. We encourage parents to bring their little ones in from an early age, firstly to become acquainted with our warm, friendly staff and the environment of the dental surgery. When we feel that they are ready we can examine their oral cavity and identify any treatment that may be necessary. We will also explain the importance of oral hygiene and which toothbrush is best and the correct brushing technique to use. All of this as well as regular six monthly dental visits will start them off, on a well organised oral healthcare regime.

Matching function and aesthetics

Over time your teeth may require some extra maintenance to maintain their aesthetic appearance. We always strive to maintain the function of your teeth and to make them look the best that they can. The latest technology allows us to provide you with the best treatments available. We provide white fillings so that your teeth remain uniformly one colour. Using the latest equipment we are able to reduce your visits to our dentist in Aberdeenshire, if you require veneers, crowns or onlays. Instead of having to attend multiple appointments our Cerec equipment allows us to reduce this to just one appointment.

Dental misalignment

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth and malocclusion is a very common condition. We have corrected this condition for many of our patients over the years, giving them the broad confident smile that they want. For many years having your teeth straightened was not the most comfortable treatment. Now we utilise a variety of appliances, some of which are almost invisible allowing for a comfortable and discreet treatment.

Missing teeth

Gum disease and accidents unfortunately cause teeth to be lost. There are a number of treatments which will provide relief. Bridges and dentures provide the standard solution. Dental implants are a more permanent solution and can even be combined with dentures. Denture stabilisation is the use of dental implants to secure your dentures providing a stable base.

More than a dentist

As dentists we are fortunate to be trained in anatomy which gives us a thorough knowledge of the skin, muscles and bones of your face and neck. This knowledge makes us the perfect provider of non-surgical facial treatments including anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. You can therefore enjoy these treatments in the safe and competent care of our well trained and knowledgeable clinicians.


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