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Missing Teeth in Aberdeenshire


Whenever anyone is facing the threat of losing a tooth or already missing teeth, it is always a big decision on how to replace the tooth or reconstruct the gaps. The four main options are as follows dental implants, bridges, dentures or accept the gap. Each main choice can be further subdivided into different types of treatments all of which have advantages, disadvantages, risks and compromises. There is a great deal of skill in understanding your expectations, consider your current dental health status, and then through mutual consent find the best treatment plan for you.


  1. Prior to any extraction your dentist will discuss with you as to what you wish to be done with the gap.

  2. Some treatment plans can be carried out before you lose the tooth so that there is a seamless transition from your natural tooth to a reconstructed tooth. In some cases, making arrangements prior to an extraction can speed up or improve the end result.

  3. Should you have a gap or multiple gaps then a consultation will help you decided what the best way forward is for you.

  4. Should you have an existing reconstructive option that you are either not happy with or is becoming old then we can discuss whether to replace it or find a better option.

Life Benefits

Improved appearance

Improved biting and chewing

Preservation of the remaining teeth and in some cases the bone

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