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Bone Augmentation in Aberdeenshire


Are you missing your natural teeth and been told that there is not enough bone to place implants?

Bone augmentation techniques will help to rebuild the bone to its previous size to enable dental implants to be placed. Bone augment improves the contours of the bone so that you can benefit from the functionality and reliability of dental implants.

  1. Sometimes there is not enough bone to place implants

  2. This can be overcome by using various bone augmentation techniques to build up the bone height and width.

  3. There are two main bone augmentation techniques: bone expansion to gain width and bone grafting to gain height and width.

  4. Bone grafting can further be subdivided into guided bone regeneration, block bone graft and bone ring technique.

Bone augmentation allows implants to be placed when there is not enough bone. This is a set of safe and clinical proven procedures that when applied with expertise and care will achieve a stable base for dental implants. As with any surgical procedure, at our practice we ensure that you understand all aftercare instructions and we will check back with you regularly to ensure that the healing is going smoothly.

Life Benefits

Allows implants to be placed so you can gain all the benefits of placement

More youthful appearance by rebuilding the missing bone

A long-term benefit in your health and wellbeing

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