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Anxious Patients in Aberdeenshire


Many patients feel self-conscious about dental treatment and nervous about visiting the dentist. We offer a special care to our anxious patients to help them get over their fears and then get them into a regular pattern of prevention that reduces the need for future treatment.

  1. We find the majority of our anxious patients need patience, time and explanations. All too many of their fears have developed from poor communication and rushed treatment which resulted in a traumatic experience. It seems counterintuitive to spend more time in a place you don’t like to be but, to get over any fear small steps of acclimatisation is the key.

  2. On rare occasions we prescribe a sedative medication for more nervous patients that is taken 1-2 hours before treatment so that you feel relaxed during your dental treatment. When taking this sedative, you should not drive or undertake anything that requires concentration for up to 6 hours afterwards.

Life Benefits

A solution for the anxious patient to receive dental care.

Overcoming your fear and learning to become a regular attender for prevention of future treatment

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