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How your Dentist in Aberdeenshire can help with your wellbeing

Wellbeing is a word shuttle-cocked between millennials and has now found its way to the older generations. What does it mean? Wellbeing appears to be filling our social media feeds with workout guides and diet tips and tricks. For some patients we’re sure you’ll remember the days when looking after yourself was a few swift ones with pals down the pub on a friday, a good football match and a midnight curry. Not to say we don’t of course encourage health and well being from all our patients of course we do. But we at Oldmeldrum Dental believe that wellbeing goes just beyond positivity quotes and a monthly subscription to a meditation app. Wellbeing starts at home, and your dentist in Aberdeenshire is here to help.

What is Wellbeing really?

Good question. According to the Oxford dictionary, wellbeing means ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.’ Now of course what happiness really is can vary greatly person to person and isn’t limited to one strand of one's life. Our careers could be going great and health declines or we could find the love of our life but struggling to find purpose the areas of wellbeing are generally broken up like this:

Physical: This basically includes all the things that affect our bodies, how we’re eating, how much we drink, are we ill? Do you have a broken bone etc, etc.

Emotional and Psychological: This has a lot to do with our mental health and how we cope and feel about ourselves.

Social: This is how we feel we belong in the world. Do we have a sense of connection and inclusion within social groups and families?

Intellectual: Having some form of intellectual wellness is really important in maintaining good wellness. This can be as simple as watching the news, reading a book or talking to friends and family.

Economics: Simply put this is about money - as we all know money helps the world go round and worrying about financial pressures and strains can impact our mental health and wellbeing.

Spiritual: This isn’t limited to religion it can be in some way finding a purpose and meaning to our lives and being connected to ourselves and the world.

You Dentist in Aberdeenshire and Wellbeing

Your dentist in Aberdeenshire can help you on your journey to wellness through helping you maintain good oral health and hygiene. Having teeth and gums that are super healthy and happy not only maintains an area of physical wellbeing but also contributes to your psychological wellbeing as it's one less thing to worry about. Having a dental practice you trust and feel connected to will only add to your overall lifestyle. Everyone needs a support network of good, reliable health professionals who can support them on whatever health concern they have. So if you wake up with a sore tooth and need a practice you know you can call upon then look no further than the team at Oldmeldrum Dental Practice. Call us up and book an appointment today.


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